“All growth is a leap, IN THE DARK….”
-Henry Miller

This workout is compliments of Crossfit and she is called “Cindy”

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Keep track of how many rounds you finish and try it again in a couple of weeks and see the progress you have made….push yourself and work hard.

Pullups can be modified….try standing on a box under the bar and jumping and pulling at the same time, this will allow your legs to help with bodyweight while using the muscle needed to do a pullup. It’s a great metabolic exercise!!! You can also try a lower bar where you are sitting underneath it, feet are underneath you and you use your legs to pullup as well. Lastly, you could use the Gravitron machine if you are at the gym.

Pushups can be adjusted as well. They can be done against a wall just make sure you keep your body very straight, no mountain booties or sag backs. The next step up would be putting your hands on a bench or even at home on a low dresser. This will help to take away body weight, again keep your form. I don’t call them girl pushups in here I call them Modified pushups these are the ones on your knees. Make sure that from the top of your head to your knees is rigid and tight…no mountain booties or sag backs. Keep your abs tight and try to keep your bootie tight.

For your squats get down there….90 degrees and when you stand up, stand all the way up and when you get to the very top squeeze your glutes….or as I tell my clients pinch the quarter….like you have a quarter between your cheeks. This way you will open up your overly used hip flexors but get your glutes firing.

Happy Friday!!!

PS-I will try and workouts posted this weekend. I will be in Salem at a ropes course with a group of high schoolers and then shopping….so I will be attempting to blog from my phone…bear with me. Have a great weekend.


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