Let’s see you get it done yourself!!!!

“It’s never over till it. Never stop fighthing. Never give up. Never surrender. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how deep your pain; persistence, faith in yourself, and an undauntable spirit will eventually break you free.”
-Dan Jansen

I hope some of you will do this workout since I will not be in today. I know you’re jealous…I get pack!!!! I will be getting my workout in, hopefully you will too.

8 Tabata intervals of each (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest):
– Burpees
– Flutter Kicks
– Jumping Squats
– Supermans

Score = total number of reps.

Flutter kicks: Lying on your back legs are off the floor about six inches and they are straight…you will do a flutter kick like you would if you were swimming in a pool. Abs are tight and try and keep your upper body on the floor. You my place your hands under your butt for stability. If you cannot keep your feet low then bring them as high as you need to in order to get them done. Make sure that your legs are straight. Enjoy!!!


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