New Year’s Eve

So this is going to be a week of testing yourself.  What effort will you put forth without me there to make sure you are working hard?  Find it inside, dig deep, work hard and get it done this week.  Challenge yourself and make every rep count!!!

I would like you to find a broomstick or a piece of pvc pipe for your warmup.  I want 20 squats with full range of motion.  Sit back in your butt keep your chest up get midline locked!!!!  FENCE POST.  20 active shoulders with the broomstick, 10 broomstick dislocations to get that chest stretched out and the shoulders and then lastly 20 overhead squats.  Focus on getting that range of motion and keeping the arms up overhead.  Your form is crucial!!!
10, 9, 8……1
Burpees (all the way down and all the way up, head up and arms up when you jump)
Butterfly situps (bottoms of your feet together)
Keep track of your time and write it down so that I can have it for the books.  Good Luck and remember to work hard.  
1 comment
  1. Anonymous said:

    I did this workout at home on 1/2/08 in 12min and 27sec, and then I ran up and down the top part of my street a couple of times while carying my GPS (a little over a half mile).
    Thanks Lu. Linda T

    PS. I don’t ever want to do that stuff you are doing down there.

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