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Hey guys,
So I have to tell you guys that it is miserable to stand, sit, laugh, sit on the toilet, oh and breathe!!!  I’M SO SORE!  I went to San Francisco CrossFit yesterday and today.  Yesterday was a heavy day.  We did 10, 9, 8……1 Deadlifts and Shoulder Press….my weight on my dealifts was 155 lbs. and 75 lbs. on my press… was a heavy day.  My weight was nothing compared to the weight that Kelly (owner of San Fran CrossFit…great article at the article is called Fear the Mind Killer.  It’s a great little read!!!) and Kevin (CrossFit coach)  It was a heavy day…a day of uncomfortableness.  I was dying today.  
So a friend of mine from college show up for some more torture today.  Here was the workout.
Carry or drag the follow to a cone and back that is 35 yds. away
-100 lb bag of sand and weights
-Very large tire (flip it down and back)
-Stability ball filled with 50 lbs. of water….oh yeah watch out folks…we’re gettin’ one!!!
-45 lb. Overhead Lunges
-55 lb. tire drag
30 of each:
20 lb MB Slams
35 lb Kettlebell swings
Box Jumps
50 double unders
14:59 was my time!!!  I died!!!!!  It was amazing and I’m telling you guys I will be walking funny tomorrow.  
Ok so here is your workout everyone!!!
As many rounds as you can in 20 minutes
50 Situps
50 Back Extensions
100 Rotations with the jumprope….if you don’t have a jumprope then simulate it.  
“Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.”
-Richard Evans

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