Commitment or Excuses?


Excuses: A false reason that enables somebody to do something he or she wants to do or avoid something he or she does not want to do. OR A reason or explanation, not necessarily true, given in order to make something appear more acceptable or less offensive.

We all make them don’t we?

Especially when it comes to exercise, that is why I have a job; people need other people to hold them accountable and to motivate them to do what they don’t necessarily have the will power to do themselves.

We do need those people but we also must find it within ourselves. It’s called intrinsic motivation, it’s that little thing that pops up and says, “ok time to workout” instead we push it aside and make excuses for not doing it. That is exactly what they are, excuses.

Our well being is important. It keeps us healthy, agile, strong and able to face anything that life throws at us. Exercise is important all the time…not just when you meet with your coach. So watch this video and then really think about it before you make the excuse not to exercise or do something you know you need to be doing.

What’s your excuse?


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