Amber getting into an overhead squat with the slosh pipe!!!  Impressive.  She has been CrossFitting for 2 months and look at the midline stabilization and the 2 pants sizes dropped to date!!!  Keep up the good work lady!  Oh and her grip strength is coming right along…she is also my massage therapist and dang those pullups are paying off!

                                                                         “FRAN” PR’s all over the place this week.
Miss Bev increased her weight by 17 lbs on her thrusters and cut 3:16 off her time yesterday!!!!  Great job lady.  Keep it up.
Linda Thomas took 2:41 off her previous time, she will be doing full pullups in no time.
I have to give props to Kristina she SLAUGHTERED her previous “Fran” time this morning with a time of 6:51, her previous time 12-8-07 was 12:48….now that’s hard work!!!  She then managed to do 2 rounds of 25 feet of tire flipping and slosh pipe carrying….BA!!!!!
3 Rounds for time:
100 Jumprope 
20 Burpees

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