CrossFit 4 Women:


Yes, CrossFit can be tough. Yes, we lift weights frequently and with great intensity. Yes, we have very high standards. Yes, we require our participants to master the art of bodyweight exercises, including push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and one-legged squats. Yes, we Powerlift, we perform Olympic Weightlifting, and Strongman exercises.

Honestly, many of our clients were hesitant to try CrossFit. They watched our workouts and videos and they had reservations. The exercises require concentration and practice, every muscle in your body has to work to maintain proper form, you can’t give up or you won’t make it through a single workout … but you know what … that’s why it works!

The funny thing is more than half of our clientele is female. CrossFit IS intimidating, and for that very reason when you jump in and begin to master the elements it is incredibly empowering and rewarding. For the first time since you began working out you feel as though you’ve actually accomplished something!

No other studio in Medford is equipped like this to deliver CrossFit. You’ll be participating in activities that you would otherwise NEVER have the chance to experience, and you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve in 1-hr each day.

Let me assure you that CrossFit is NOT:
* A bodybuilding program focused on gaining muscle mass
* An aerobics program focused on low-intensity limited range of motion activities
* Too hard for you to try – everything is scalable

Check out the rest of the website and decide if CrossFit is a new leaf you would like to turn over.  The results are amazing and the rewards even greater.  Give it a try!!!


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