CrossFit 4 Men


CrossFit IS NOT a cardio-based “bootcamp” workout. We DO NOT perform countless repetitions with 5lb fluorescent plastic coated neoprene dumbbells. You’ll NEVER hear me say “feel the burn!” 

CrossFit is brutal. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS IN MEDFORD. Our standards are high, we seek quality individuals. We lift real weights frequently and with great intensity. We incorporate elements of competitive Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Strongman competitions. We push, pull, throw, row, climb, crawl, sprint and jump – much like a decathlete.

CrossFit is the “Sport of Fitness” and as such you will be required to focus on the dynamic elements of athleticism, including balance, coordination, speed, power, endurance, and accuracy. This is the strength and conditioning program of choice for Mixed Martial Arts, S.W.A.T., Navy Seals, and elite sports worldwide. Quite frankly, this program will humble you … quickly … and without prejudice … period. But, you’ll love it because you’ve never worked out this hard!

Check out the intro to CrossFit 


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