To all that will enjoy the read,

I have decided to start writing my own blog, attempting it daily but we will see what happens.  It will include the workouts that I am daily doing.  I want my clients to see that not only do I push my clients I push myself as well.  
The blog will be my thoughts, struggles, ramblings, inspirations and things of the sort.  I hope that in reading these one might find inspiration and motivation.  Please feel free to comment or email me with any comments or questions.  

Here is my workout from yesterday……

I got up at 4:30am and seemed to have so much more energy so I did two workouts yesterday.  

I did “JT” in the morning

Handstand Pushups (feet against the wall)
Ring Dips (feet off the floor)

Then later in the afternoon got a wild hair and did “Nancy”

5 Rounds of:
Overhead Squats 55#
400m Run

The last time I did this workout I did it in 15:45, I did it in 16:06 today.

I felt that was pretty good for doing the workout I did in the morning.  I could have run faster but felt good afterwards.  My shoulders are a bit tired today but nothing too bad….tomorrow I’m sure will be different.

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