Day 2…..

Hi everyone,

Just so you are aware these blogs will not be double checked for spelling, fragments, run-ons, or any grammatical errors, they will just be stream of consciousness and may go from one random point to the next so please just enjoy and bear with me.  

So it’s day 2 of blogging…yeah me!!!  We will see how long it lasts.  This week has been very exciting, new, scary, and best of all fun and it’s only Wednesday.  
I NEVER thought I would ever say that I enjoyed getting up at 4:30…put it down….I LOVE IT!!!  I feel so much better all day long.  I get tired earlier but it’s fabulous.  Thanks Sara the 6am class was a great idea.  
As most of you know I started my first classes this week.  I am doing one at 6am MWF and one at 12pm.  It opens my eyes to the wonderousness….is that word?  Probably not my spell check has underlined it but I like it.  The wonderousness of CrossFit…..
CrossFit is fitness for life, it is the sport of fitness but it’s so much more than that!!!!  It is about winning the battle that is fought within your mind every time you look at the white board, every time you pick up the weight and every time you finish one round and have to start the next.  This battle is between the “I can” and the “I can’t”….can’t never did anything!!!  “I can” can do the impossible.  “Can”, can bring more success than you ever imagined.  It’s the battle that you win every time you finish a workout.  The point is not how fast you finished the point is you finished.  
Finishing is the most important part…the battle in your mind is lost when you quite.  Quitting at CrossFit Allegiance is not an option.  If you quit in the middle of a workout that is too hard what makes you think you aren’t going to quite in anything else life might throw at you?  It’s a battle that is won in your head.  You CAN do it.  Will it be hard?  Yes, but like I tell my clients if it was easy everyone would do it.  It’s not easy in here but you”ll be a better person WOD after WOD, day after day, lift after lift, class after class, YOU WILL BE BROKEN DOWN but the most important part is YOU WILL BE BUILT BACK UP!!!  There will be days that CrossFit will humble you, it will cause you to dig deep and find something inside you you did not know you possessed.  It will cause you to be stronger and better than you were before physically, but more importantly MENTALLY!!!
You can, continue to tell yourself that and life will bring you more than you ever could imagine….
Continue transforming your potential!!!!
Tuesday’s Workout
Consecutive minutes of pullups
13 rounds + 7 Pullups
3 rounds of
10 swiss ball leg lifts
10x/side kb diagonal chops 8 kilo
10 12# MB situp to wall ball
The picture is me working on dead hang pullups….

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