Never leave a doubt…..

My wonderful brother Dominic and sister Ellie

As I sit at my mom’s house with the hub bub of people in and out of the house I must stop and think. We just arrived home from my grandpa’s memorial service. It was beautiful, full of tears and much laughter. It was an amazing thing to see the different views of who my grandpa was.

As I sit here I just want to remind everyone to never take for granted the moments you have with your family and friends. Tell them you love them, tell them you are proud of them, tell them you believe in them, tell them you appreciate them. Leave no doubt that they were loved and appreciated because you may never get that last chance. Take the opportunity to seize and remember the wonderful moments.

As I sat in the church listening to my grandpa’s legacy, I thought about what will my legacy be. How am I living my life? Is it a life that has touched others? I hope so and if not from this day forward I want it to be. I want to live a life of service to others. To build them up and be a light in their lives for whatever reason the need may be.

To all of my friend, family, clients, players, and all those I come in touch with during my life please know that you all hold a special place in my life. You have all touched me in one way or another and I want to thank you and know that you have touched my life and made me a better person.

Thank you for that.

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  1. Jan Garcia said:

    Lu Lu,
    to think that my father’s legacy was to have you be aware of what it means to serve other people is awesome. I am very proud of you and I know you WILL live your life as you said.
    You were aptly named ‘the bringer of light’. Thank you for lighting up my life.
    Love, Mom

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