Earning your keep.

       Hanging out with Chris (CrossFit GP) and Rogue Valley Door in GP.

There’s just something to be said about earning your keep.  Chris over in GP was nice enough to design some pullup bars for us.  He has a wonderful idea, so I went to GP yesterday to check it out.  There is some wood involved so we got down and sawdusty and sanded down some big ole posts.  I had just worked as well.  My arms were trashed trying to hold onto the electric sander.  After we finished all the sanding it was just cool to sit back and look at what we had done.  I get to look at the bars everyday and know that I helped in the creation of these.  I’m not sure why it’s such a great feeling but it is.  I worked for what I am looking to complete for the studio.
Too often these days people expect handouts.  They don’t want to work for the things they want.  I have heard so many times, “I just wish there was a pill that would make me thin.”  It’s the same with fitness, people want the quick fix.  They don’t want to work for the muscle or the fat loss, they just want it to happen.  Sorry folks it doesn’t work that way.  You have to work for the body you desire.  You have to eat for the body you desire.  “It’s a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” -Unknown  This quote could not be more true.  It’s not an easy task but with hard work, determination, dedication and the right mind set it’s completely possible.  
My clients always tell me, “you make that look so easy.”  Well yeah, it’s my job, I practice, I do it often, I WORK HARD.  A client of mine the other day stayed after her session to time my workout….she said afterwards that she hadn’t seen anyone work so hard since childbirth.  Now if that’s how hard childbirth is, bring it on!!!  
The ability to accomplish the olympic lifts, to get your first unassisted pullup, to be your best in here you must put in the work.  Earn your keep.  If you work hard you deserve all that you get out it.  The sky is the limit.  So challenge yourself the next time you are in here, how much do you want it (whatever the it might be).  It takes work but there is no reason you cannot accomplish it.  EARN YOUR KEEP!!!

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