Big Props!!!


David came to me about 3 months ago and told me I had two months to get him into shape for a bear hunt he had in Alaska.  Right before he left for his trip he told me his bear hunt was going to be a vacation compared to his workouts.  He was right, and he also came home with a 10 foot bear!!!

Let me give you a little history on David.  He is in his early 60’s, has had two back surgeries where L4 and L5 are fused (L=Lumbar or low back), he has no achilles reflex in his right foot and when he came in his shoulder was in so much pain he could not hang from the pullup bar.  So we had a few strikes against us, but it’s like they aren’t even there.
Today we did “Murph” 1 mile run 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats 1 mile run.  The man finished the entire workout.  He was halfway through all of his exercises and he told me he was getting tired….I told him to just get a couple more rounds in and then finish his last mile….he got to his 15th round and I said ok off on your run and he was like no way I’m finishing this.  So on he went and he powered through his workout, never stopping, never complaining and he finished that workout.  It was long and grueling and at any time he could have just stopped but he powered through and finished the workout while doing 100 jumping pullups.  That’s pretty good for a guy that couldn’t hang from the bar 2 months ago.  
I’m proud of you David, days like that make me love my job even more.   Thank you!!!
Nice job everyone!!!
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  1. Anonymous said:

    I’m proud of you too David. Keep it up!!!!! Linda T

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