Fitness at any age!!!

             My grandma doing med ball slams….she loves being in here.  She comes in here two times a week and is getting so much stronger…Good job G-ma!!!

So for those that say they are too old to exercise I completely disagree.  The elderly are usually placed in nursing homes not because they have a heart attack or stroke it is due to the fact that they lose their independence.  They can no longer take care of themselves.  We need to continue to move our entire lives.  Squatting, pressing, pulling, there are daily functions that we recreate daily.  What happens if we stop squatting and the range of motion is no longer there?  How are we supposed to get up and down off the floor, pick up our keys if we drop them, what if we need to set down the groceries to unlock the door but cannot pick the bag back up, or how do we put something up high if we have lost the range of motion in our shoulders to make that happen?  These are movements that we need to stay independent.  
There are many folks out there that say they do not squat because its bad for them, or that they do not squat past 90 degrees, I ask them…”how might I get up off the floor without bending my knees past 90 degrees”, in a crazy unorthodox way that’s how.  How about picking something up off the floor if we do not know how to properly deadlift?  We hurt our back…but we do not lift weights or keep our range of motion up to par and if this happens we can no longer take care of ourselves….
So tell those you love that they need to continue to stay fit at their age because it will only prolong their ability to take care of themselves…..YOU ARE NEVER TO OLD TO START!!!!
Tabata (20 sec of work 10 sec of rest for 8 rounds or 4 minutes)
Rowing for calories
Butterfly situps
Double unders with the jumprope
Did 8 rounds of all three 
6 rounds (3 minutes)
4 rounds (2 minutes)
99 calories rowed
167 butterfly situps
334 double unders

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