11 days of no work……

Turkish Getups….and yes I have a tattoo….ugh 18 year old mistake.

So I’m off for a vacation…I don’t think I have taken off more than 5 days since I have opened business here.  I have not taken a vacation since a week in San Diego my freshman year of college for spring break.  Crazy to think about.  I am in dire need though.  I’m learning to give up control.  It’s tough.  Joey is going to be running the show.  He’s going to do a great job I know!!!  Make sure you push yourself each day.  Challenge yourself to greatness each and every WOD.  I will be thinking about all of you guys as I’m learning to surf, working out at CrossFit Oahu….yeah yeah yeah I am one of the few people you will meet that works out on vacation.  What can I say I can’t get enough.  Be good and work hard.   I’m going to work hard to just relax and have fun.  After Hawaii I’m off to Dallas to see my man and instruct at another barbell cert.  Learning more to help you all be more!!!  Love you guys and I will miss each and everyone of you while I’m gone.  Check the website because I will be posting pictures and the WODs etc.


Love, Lu

  1. Ce said:

    Enjoy your vacation Lu you deserve it. By the way my lunges were better today then ever and my squats were lower then ever. I still neet to work on “resting later” see you when you return.

  2. CrossFit G-ville said:


    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Torey Mattison from CrossFit Greenville, NC. I can identify so much with you. I am a personal trainer and CrossFit Level I trainer as well and I tell you, I feel like you do about the same old routine and training regiments we do as traditional personal trainers. After looking at you blog, you have inspired me to really build my crossfit business. I have been strattling the fence trying to decide what side to move on and you, my friend have helped me a lot. We have the same thought process and views about fitness. I love this community. Lets keep in touch. Check me out at http://www.crossfitgreenville.blogspot.com

    Torey Mattison

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