Week 1 sorry for the glitch!

Sorry folks had some technical difficulty.  Posted but then got some emails that nothing was posted….I’m so sorry…here it is.  Make sure each exercise is done at full intensity.  You must keep the intensity up in order for these workouts to benefit you.  Work hard and keep track of the times you are doing them in.  You can leave comments on each post for your times.  Just add comment to this entry as of your times at the end of the week or you can do it daily.  I want to see who is working and how fast your times are.  Have some fun and lets get to work.  There are videos attached so watch them so you know what you are expected to be doing.  
I EXPECT TO SEE TIMES POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Tuesday:  10 rounds of 100 m sprint and 7 Pushups (sprint 100m then do 7 pushups then sprint then pushups, etc, etc, etc for 10 rounds.  This should be done as quickly as possible with as high intensity as possible.)  PUSHUP VIDEO watch video so you are getting the most out of the exercise.  
Wednesday: 5 rounds of 400m sprints (take as much time as you need to get your wind back before your next sprint, and by this I do not mean hours, maybe a 2-3 minute rest so you are rested and can give your all each 400m.  400m is 1 lap around the track.  
Thursday: 10 air squats for every minute of your 1 mile run.  (have a clock on you and everytime your clock hits a minute stop where you are and do 10 squats.  SQUAT VIDEO
Friday: 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Burpees and situps….do 10 burpees then 10 situps, 9 burpees then 9 situps…all the way down to 1 burpee then 1 situp.  Post your time.   BURPEE VIDEO (notice there are from the knees and full so take your pick  SITUPS are done with feet on the floor ( they can be held down by something) head touches down on the floor each time and sit all the way til your chest touches the front of your thighs…FULL RANGE OF MOTION.  
Saturday: Tabata sprints.  You will do 2 rounds of this.  Each round will take 4 minutes.  You will sprint for 20 sec then stop and rest for 10 sec then sprint for 20 sec stop and rest for 10 sec.  This will happen 8 times for the 4 minutes.  Then take a 2 minute rest between each round.  THIS SHOULD BE  A SPRINT NOT  A JOG!!!!  Your workout will take 10 minutes total and you should look like this video at the end.  TABATA VIDEO
  1. Rachel said:

    Time for tuesday workout: 9.30
    Rachel Arappagis

  2. Michelle said:

    time for wednesday workout: 10:30

    Michelle B.

  3. Michelle said:

    Time for Thursday workout not counting the time it took to do
    the squats was 8minutes 15secs.

    Michelle B.

  4. Michelle said:

    time for friday workout: 7mins 37secs

  5. Rachel said:

    Time for Thursday workout: 7.24.03 (not including time took for squats)

    Rachel Arappagis

  6. Rachel said:

    Time for Friday workout: 7.16.5

    Rachel Arappagis

  7. Rachel said:

    Amberlin time:

    Amberlin time for Wednesday (6/18/08)

  8. Rachel said:

    Time for Wednesday workout: 6.91 (not including {short} breaks)

    Rachel Arappagis

    (wrong time posted earlier, corrected)

  9. amanda said:

    time for wednesday 5k was 37 min
    times for fridays were… 6:30,6:40, 7:10, and 8:40(my calf cramped… it sucked ill do better)

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