Monday: 16 x 110m sprints….try to get each sprint under 15 seconds.  Keep track of how many you get under the time.  Take 30 sec. break between each sprint.  POST YOUR TIME  

Tuesday: Tabata Legs.  Just as the running last week was 20 sec of work followed by 10 sec of rest.  Each exercise will last 4 minutes.  Air Squat (check video from last week to see form), Lunges VIDEO, & Wall sits VIDEO.  Take a 1 minute break between each exercise.  Your workout should take a total of 18 minutes.  So bring a clock with you or find a partner and work with each other.  POST YOUR TIME
Wednesday: Run a 5K (3.125 miles) if you are running it on a track it’s 12 and 1/4 laps.  POST YOUR TIME
Thursday: 7 rounds of 10 Dips VIDEO, 10 Pushups, 20 situps (see video from last week), 10 Burpees (see last week video) POST YOUR TIME.
Friday: 4 rounds of 800m run.  After each 800m run 200m backwards.  Take as much rest after each 1000m as needed to be ready for the next.  No more than 3 min of rest.  Post time for each round.  800m is 2 laps around the track and 200m is a curve and a straight away.  The 800 should not be jogged it’s a fast stride.  

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