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 He looks at the water with apprehension he’s only two years old, and most of the time he’s fearless but in this situation you can see the thoughts running through his head.  Dad is in the water and he has his water wings on but fear still stops him from jumping.  What’s going to happen if he jumps?  What happens if we jump?

 “When you have come to edge of all the light you know and step out into the darkness of the unknown, know that one of two things will happen, you will either find something to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”  -Richard Bach

Next time you are scared to take a leap in life, in work, in love, in the gym, know that it will pay off.  If you fail or fall get back up better and stronger than you were before.  When the weight feels heavy or the pace seems fast hold steady with it and take the chance.  Give yourself the opportunity to get better, to reach the next level.  We must be willing to fail in order to succeed, we must take chances.

Believe in your ability, believe in your strength, believe in you!!!

Get some,





Byron and Melissa spottin' Russ

Byron and Melissa spottin' Russ

      One of the greatest things about CrossFit is the community of people that it has created.  We are all in this together, we are all working to be better and stronger.  We are all striving to stop being weak!!!  It’s been really great to watch all of you at CFA improve mentally, physically, and emotionally.  You guys surprise me everyday with your commitment and tenacity.  Keep up the good work!!!  I’m so proud to have such a great group of people inside these walls.  Get some, GO AGAIN!!!!  

As most of you know I will be out of town so Joey will be covering for me, be good to him!!!!



Run 800m

25 Overhead Squats (M:95#, W:65#)

Run 400m

25 Overhead Squats

Run 800m


"Deadly Dave" & "The Don Todd" gettin' some go boys!!!!

"Deadly Dave" & "The Don Todd" gettin' some go boys!!!!


As Many Rounds as Possible of:

10 Deadlifts

8 Hang Cleans

6 Push Press

Every time you work out, you have several options, you can sit on a piece of cardio equipment read your book and maybe break a sweat.  You could also do the typical bodybuilder workout and have an upper body day, a lower body day where muscles are isolated and then on your off lifting days you toss in some cardio.  Then you have the option to get yourself some CrossFit.  It’s different, it’s hard, it’s intense and it’s fun.  By choosing to CrossFit your body has to make a choice; it must ADAPT or SUFFER.  With consistency you will not suffer, you will adapt.  It’s what our bodies naturally do.  With the adaptation comes fat loss, muscle gain, and the strength to handle almost anything life might hand you.  Don’t be that person that goes to the gym day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year and never seems to get the results.  Stop donating to your local gym and be a part of something so much greater!!!!

 Here at CFA our workouts are highly functional and you will be using your entire body the entire time.  We will teach skill movements, mixed in with some gymnastics movements, and cardio dropped in the mix to make it all fun and challenging.  It will be a different workout than you are used to but the benefits are outstanding.  Make a change, start Crossfitting, your life will never be the same. 



Get some….


Coach Lu  

As I have been going through the last couple of weeks knowing I really needed to blog things just weren’t stirring inside.  Sunday night though, I had a moment, it was the start of my 2nd round of a 320m uphill run that found it’s way into our WOD.  It has happened to me several times and I’m sure many of you can relate.  You have looked at the white board, seen the workout and said to yourself, “There is no way I’m going to be able to do this.  Then something else happens, you are in the middle of the workout and….”I HATE CROSSFIT, WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER, THIS IS SO HARD” crosses your mind.  It’s only in the midst of a WOD and when it’s all done the feeling of “I DID IT!!!” comes to the surface and makes us love it again.  CrossFit is humbling from day 1 and will continue to be daily.     

“The truth is that if the prospect of a workout doesn’t invoke feelings of inadequacy and fear, then it probably wont do much for you. Like any other pursuit, athletic or intellectual, improvement in your fitness does not come easily.”    -Zach Davis CF Reno                                   
Russ and Brian workin' through it.

Russ and Brian workin' through it.

So stop and think about whether or not you are nervous before a workout or if you are ever humbled as you walk out the door.  If not take some chances and push yourself a bit farther than you feel comfortable.  Step out of your comfort zone and allow this experience to mold you into what it is that you so desire to be….Desire that superior fitness and desire to no longer be weak!!!!3,2,1…GO!!!-Coach Lu