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"Deadly Dave" & "The Don Todd" gettin' some go boys!!!!

"Deadly Dave" & "The Don Todd" gettin' some go boys!!!!


As Many Rounds as Possible of:

10 Deadlifts

8 Hang Cleans

6 Push Press

Every time you work out, you have several options, you can sit on a piece of cardio equipment read your book and maybe break a sweat.  You could also do the typical bodybuilder workout and have an upper body day, a lower body day where muscles are isolated and then on your off lifting days you toss in some cardio.  Then you have the option to get yourself some CrossFit.  It’s different, it’s hard, it’s intense and it’s fun.  By choosing to CrossFit your body has to make a choice; it must ADAPT or SUFFER.  With consistency you will not suffer, you will adapt.  It’s what our bodies naturally do.  With the adaptation comes fat loss, muscle gain, and the strength to handle almost anything life might hand you.  Don’t be that person that goes to the gym day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year and never seems to get the results.  Stop donating to your local gym and be a part of something so much greater!!!!

 Here at CFA our workouts are highly functional and you will be using your entire body the entire time.  We will teach skill movements, mixed in with some gymnastics movements, and cardio dropped in the mix to make it all fun and challenging.  It will be a different workout than you are used to but the benefits are outstanding.  Make a change, start Crossfitting, your life will never be the same. 



Get some….


Coach Lu  

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