Sometimes you just gotta jump even if it’s scary….


 He looks at the water with apprehension he’s only two years old, and most of the time he’s fearless but in this situation you can see the thoughts running through his head.  Dad is in the water and he has his water wings on but fear still stops him from jumping.  What’s going to happen if he jumps?  What happens if we jump?

 “When you have come to edge of all the light you know and step out into the darkness of the unknown, know that one of two things will happen, you will either find something to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”  -Richard Bach

Next time you are scared to take a leap in life, in work, in love, in the gym, know that it will pay off.  If you fail or fall get back up better and stronger than you were before.  When the weight feels heavy or the pace seems fast hold steady with it and take the chance.  Give yourself the opportunity to get better, to reach the next level.  We must be willing to fail in order to succeed, we must take chances.

Believe in your ability, believe in your strength, believe in you!!!

Get some,




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