Daily Archives: August 6, 2008


 Pacing / Intensity, and Change

Okay Kids, we have been watching and seeing some patterns in not only our own CrossFitters but in other CrossFit’s around the globe…


Are you someone who goes out in a workout and paces everything? Do you drink water during the workout? Do you take breaks? This is a sign of not understanding intensity. I see far too many people that have the ability to talk to other CFr’s during a workout that could be getting a far better result in time or rounds.

Do you understand Neroendocrine response? Do you know that with intensity you can actually start to regulate hormones. Athletes will see substantial increases in testosterone, insulin-like growth factor, and human growth hormone. Exercising with protocols known to elevate these hormones eerily mimics the hormonal changes sought in exogenous hormonal therapy (steroid use) with none of the deleterious effect. Exercise regimens that induce a high neuroendocrine response produce champions!

It took her some time but Ashley realized that change in pace and intensity took her fitness levels to another level. We want to wish her the best of luck as she left to go to OSU and play soccer at the highest level. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration.

Stop pacing your workout and give it everything you have…
If fat, lazy, sick, overtrained is your goal we are not your answer. If mediocrity is your goal, this training is not your answer.

If you want change, and want to be FIT, lean, and healthy we are your answer.


Article written by Brian McKenzie (CF Newport Beach)