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AMRAP in 20 min. of:

7 Deadlifts

7 Ring Dips

7 Thrusters


Checkout the very short video from Robb Wolff and the long term effects of carbohydrates. 


Here are a couple of quotes by the entertaining Mark Rippetoe (runs the CF Barbell Certs)


• Your muscles cannot get “longer” without some
rather radical orthopedic surgery.

• Muscles don’t get leaner—you do.

• There is no such thing as “firming and toning.”
There is only stronger and weaker.

• The vast majority of women cannot get large,
masculine muscles from barbell training. If it were
that easy, I would have them. (mark rippetoe)

• Women who do look like men have taken some
rather drastic steps in that direction that have little
to do with their exercise program.

• Women who claim to be afraid to train hard
because they “always bulk up too much” are often
already pretty bulky, or “skinny fat” (thin but weak
and deconditioned) and have found another excuse
to continue life sitting on their butts.

• Only people willing to work to the point of
discomfort on a regular basis using effective means
to produce that discomfort will actually look like
they have been other-than-comfortable most of
the time. “

—from the book “Strong Enough”
Compilation found on CF Santa Cruz Central