Monthly Archives: October 2008


Every minute on the minute:

Complete 5 heavy clean and jerks, you have one minute to complete all 5 and then one minute to rest for 10 rounds.

Opt for heavy even if it means you only get 3 or 4 out in the last few rounds.

How hard to you push yourself during your WOD’s?  Is it out of your comfort zone?  If not maybe try it sometime and feel how truly powerful you can be!!!


Alright guys so the move is all finished we are in our new home at 3674 North Roxy off of Dry Creek!!!  We are in East Medford now….woohoo!!!!  Any questions give me a call or email me.

4 Rounds:
21 Box Jumps
15 Wall Balls (M:20#, W:14#)
9 Deadlifts (M:225#, W:155#)

(Diane/Fran/Elizabeth = M 40#DB/W 25#DB)
1 Round of Helen (400m Run 21 KB Swings 12 Burpees)
1st Round of Diane (21 Deadlifts 21 HSPU)
1st Round of Fran (21 Thrusters 21 Pullups)
1st Round of Elizabeth (21 Cleans 21 Ring Dips)
1 Round of Helen (400m Run 21 KB Swings 12 Burpees)


You can all thank CF H.E.L. for this one!!!