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Averageness: Ordinariness as a consequence

of being average and not outstanding

Second-rater: A person of second-rate ability

or value.        


A woman said to me today, “Mediocrity

should be a cuss word.”  I do not know

this woman very well but at that moment

I knew that she was someone I wanted

to be around.  Birds of a feather flock together.  

I want to constantly surround myself with

people that will challenge me and make me better.  


Along with surrounding myself with people that 

make me better, I want to be someone that makes 

others better as well.  I want to touch the lives of 

every person that I come across. 


My job involves encouraging people and helping

them realize how great they are.  I hope to help 

others see how far they can truly go, how high they 

can truly reach.  To assist them in finding that level 

above just average.  We all have such potential to be 

something great.  


Surround yourself with people that desire to be more 

than just average.  Come hang out at our gym and you 

will find those people.  We strive to be better than just

good enough!!!  We strive to be great and to live above 




It almost brings tears to my eyes when I sit back and think about the last 4 days.  I have a new gym that is ready to be opened I have four days to do it, and I own the business alone.  The most amazing thing happened; peopel came out of the woodwork to come out and help.  I worked at least 14 hours everyday and I was never in the gym alone for more than three hours total.  There were always people there lending a hand.  At one time there were 11 people there helping out.  It was truly amazing.  For those of you that helped thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  If I can ever help you out please just ask.

I learned a very big thing this week, delegation.  I have always known what it was, but I never thought I could do it.  I felt bad if I ever asked for help or didn’t have my hand in everything.  YES I know I’m a control freak but this week taught me to trust everyone around me.  It was hard to be the one that everyone needed but I would just say yes, or no or give some directions or even ask for help.  I would have opened on Monday but CFA would look nothing like it does now.  So many people poured their time and sweat into this place and I again thank you so much.  I learned alot this last week and I am so greatful. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!  I love you all!!!

Here’s what we are working on.  Had a ton of help last night.  Thank you to Linda Thomas, The Weavers, The Emards, David Stuart, Sean Burke, and MOST of all The Garcia’s.  Richie you are awesome!!!  Thank You!!!  We will be here all day and night working like little bees so if anyone has time feel free to drop in.  4th and Front!!!


I just have to say how amazing I think it is that I can be on a trip in Utah and have things occurring in my business while I’m gone.  The walls are being painted and I can’t wait.  I’m so excited!!!  Here are the colors, they will accent the walls with mostly white.  Thanks to everyone that is helping out, it’s much appreciated!!!!




Our new home will be located at 4th & Front.  Our entrance is on Front street.  We are on the back end of Pronto Print.  We are the door past the loading dock.  I will be getting signs directing you to where we will be.  It’s gonna be a great home with plenty of room to expand!!!

dsc02642CFA’s new home!!!

Here is our new home, bare bones.  It will look completely different when we are done with it, but here’s a start.


We will be moving equipment, painting, sweeping, mopping, decorating, hanging, welding, etc all week long.  If you can help us out in any way that would be greatly appreciated.  The more the merrier.  The more folks the more efficiently this can happen.  

Alright guys so here’s the new logo!!!  New location new logo, new business plan!!!  It’s all new.  I need your help, please leave a #1 or #2 in the comment section and cast your vote for which logo you like better.  I need some feedback.  I like them both.  Pass it on to your friends.  I would love to get the opinions of others that are not affiliated with us.  You opinion matters to me.  Thanks!!!


“The amateur trains to get it
right. The professional trains
until they cannot get it wrong.


Take the time to read this quote

several times and take it to
memory; it has the potential to
change your life.

The things we do over and over
will be the things in which we
become great at. What in life
would you like to be good at?

We all spend alot of time in the
gym working hard everyday. Pay
attention to the little details and
train them and become great at

This will only make you better and
able to train harder and faster!!!
Training harder and faster will make
you better in every area.

Whether you are looking to get
stronger, leaner, run faster or
jump higher train until you cannot
get it wrong!!!

Comment on where in life you
could be training so you cannot
get it wrong?