It’s hard, so what….suck it up Buttercup, it’ll change your life.

img_1724My girl Corrie from CF Grants Pass fighting for her L-sit

CrossFit isn’t easy.  We never claim it will be, and if it ever is you’re aren’t working hard enough.  Too many people in this world want the quick fix, take a pill and be fit.  That’s not reality folks.  We have to work hard to keep our health.  It’s not something that will just come and does take work.  It’s hard but the work pays off in every area of life.  When you put the time and effort into CrossFit, your workouts and your eating and sleeping.  This stuff will change your life.  Try it out, tell a friend and see what can happen!!!

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  1. Mike Ussary said:

    Hard work pays great dividends. Put on pair of pants to go to Worship Service on Sunday and they had gotten so big, I put on a different pair because I didn’t like the way they fit (to baggy and the waist was gathered to hold them up). 6 weeks ago the same pair was hard to button. I came home a went through the closet and drawers and filled up a bag of clothes that I am not going back to. Crossfit is hard work, but the rewards are great. The mind will prevail over the body. It is about ATTITUDE. A thought to focus on: Pain is temporary, Quitting is forever. Where and in what other areas of your personnel and professional life does this also come to up???

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