New Logo, HELP!!!

Alright guys so here’s the new logo!!!  New location new logo, new business plan!!!  It’s all new.  I need your help, please leave a #1 or #2 in the comment section and cast your vote for which logo you like better.  I need some feedback.  I like them both.  Pass it on to your friends.  I would love to get the opinions of others that are not affiliated with us.  You opinion matters to me.  Thanks!!!


  1. Brennan said:

    Number 2. No contest.

  2. Donny said:

    Out of those two, I would go with the second one (that has “CROSSFIT” across the whole top). My vote 🙂

  3. joweeeee said:

    i like #1 better, but i can’t read the cursive writing in the location it is at. bold it up, move it, or change the font altogether. #2 is good also, and kind of solves the problem with the cursive, but the big crossfit across the top doesn’t look as good as in #1. please note i am talking about your logos and not things to do in the bathroom 🙂 good luck luweeeee

    from joweeeee

  4. Nikki said:

    I vote for #1, but they are both cool. GOOD LUCK!

  5. Jan said:

    prefer 2

  6. crossfitgp said:
  7. Thanks for all of you that are voting…pass on the website and spread the word.

  8. jb said:

    oh and i guess i feel like the weight plates could use a little tweaking. the proportions just dont seem right.

  9. rachel said:

    I like No 1. good luck!

  10. Burg said:

    Cool logos. Derek and I both say #2!

  11. stef said:

    #1 is a much better composition. If the vote goes to #2, I’d suggest getting the “allegiance” line in sync with the “crossfit”

    And why a man, Ms Badass?

  12. Kimmy Bozman said:

    I say #1 and Adrian says #1 also. Hugs!

  13. Skipper said:
  14. linda thomas said:

    I like #1

  15. ava said:

    I like #1.

  16. Lynn said:
  17. Leah said:

    I like #2, anyway you can get a female in there:0) since after all girls rock!!

  18. M@ said:

    I think the font in #1 is too small. The person holding the barbell in #2 is too small. Any way you can get a hybrid with the best of both? And why is it gender specific? Why not have a guy and a gal?

  19. Paul@CFQ said:

    Of these options, I like #2. The cursive font is hard to read. without knowing anything else, the word allegiance inspires an emotion. Pride, loyalty, dedication. I think, is somewhat captured by the person holding the barbell, but the cursive font looses it for me. not sure what the circles are either. There’s a lot going on here. All that, I like his style, just not sure if it fits what you’re looking for.

  20. Liz Brim said:

    #2 fo sho’ 🙂 the weight plates do seem off … but i’m assuming that is part of the design?? either way … it’s really good lu! congrats!

  21. Connie said:

    #2 however I would make the fonts the same…

  22. Ashley said:
  23. becca said:

    If it’s not too late, #2 for sure

  24. CFS said:

    #2 but make the fonts the same (no cursive) and change the T to a reg font.

  25. kevin said:

    I like #2 but I would make the font the same and put Allegiance at the bottom with a slightly smaller size.

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