Mediocrity is the Newest Profanity



Averageness: Ordinariness as a consequence

of being average and not outstanding

Second-rater: A person of second-rate ability

or value.        


A woman said to me today, “Mediocrity

should be a cuss word.”  I do not know

this woman very well but at that moment

I knew that she was someone I wanted

to be around.  Birds of a feather flock together.  

I want to constantly surround myself with

people that will challenge me and make me better.  


Along with surrounding myself with people that 

make me better, I want to be someone that makes 

others better as well.  I want to touch the lives of 

every person that I come across. 


My job involves encouraging people and helping

them realize how great they are.  I hope to help 

others see how far they can truly go, how high they 

can truly reach.  To assist them in finding that level 

above just average.  We all have such potential to be 

something great.  


Surround yourself with people that desire to be more 

than just average.  Come hang out at our gym and you 

will find those people.  We strive to be better than just

good enough!!!  We strive to be great and to live above 


  1. tucker said:

    Awesome job Lu! Proud of you and for you.


  2. Awesome, Lu! I am so proud of you and your drive to be a successful business woman. Stay strong!

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