A Dream, A Goal, A Vision….Coming to Fruition











David Husel and Brennan Aitkin cashing out with some med ball tosses


One of the rules on the board at XFA

is to encourage one another.  I really 

have truly desired to have a gym that 

was run on inspiration.  When you walk

in you know it’s not your normal gym. 

The environment is different, the people

are different, the energy is different. 


In all honesty I was not sure how long 

this process was going to take.  How do 

you draw out of people a desire to inspire

others? It is easy for me raise my voice to

drive another rep,to release a little hoot to

zap a little energy in the room, to see the look

in your eye that tells me the

voice in your head that tell you you can’t is

taking over and it’s winning.  It’s second nature!

I feel completely blessed to have been given this 

gift.  For many of you though it’s not second 

nature.  If you think about it though for some it’s 

not second nature to drive your intensity to a place

of discomfort.  So I challenge you to step out of your 

comfort zone, send out a hoot, yell a little, put out some

inspiration to the gym.  Let it be words that you 

might need to hear when you are struggling.

What do you need to hear when you are on your 

third round and you don’t feel like you have any

left in the tank?  Everyone around you is feeling the 

same way.


The environment of our gym is changing and you folks

inspire me.  You pull out of me the desire to be a better

coach because I see you working so hard to become

better CrossFitters, better people.  I’m so proud of

what XFA is becoming.  I couldn’t do it without

you guys.  You drive the success of what we do.

You create the environment that has become so




Do you feel that you are inspired by those 

around you in the gym?  Do you feel like you

inspire others in the gym?  What helps you 

get through each and every WOD?  Can we 

be doing more?

  1. Tamara said:

    Great job Lu!!

  2. linda thomas said:

    I am very inspired by how so many “XFA’ers” have stepped it up as far as intensity levels go. The words of encouragment that fly around are awesome. It really helps me.
    I am trying to encourage as much as possible, that is if I can catch my breath long enough to talk.
    The key is really making a point to learn everyone’s names. I’m trying to get better at that.

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