Paleo in a Nutshell

Everyone has been doing so well with their food logs.  Many of you have also reaped the benefits of coming in more often.  I see many of you changing drastically in your body composition!!!  Great job.  We have a few days left, some of you are going to go and binge your whole month away.  Just be aware that you give you body back that crack you have been working so hard to kick.  Just be aware of that.  Is it worth it to you?  Would you rather stay healthy for the rest of your life or go back to eating the foods that are making us sick?  Also be aware you will feel horrible afterwards.  Just a warning.  Have a cheat meal sure but don’t go crazy and stick with it.  We will also be starting another challenge for those that missed out and getting a little more in depth for those that also want that after this 30 days is over.  Keep it up!!!!



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