Gracefully Humbled

To say that I was humbled would
be an understatement. What I
really wanted to do was to pick
up my bag walk to my car and go

I train alone, sometimes with one
other person. I usually am the
first to finish. On Saturday though
there people everywhere it was loud
and I was definitely not alone.

I opened my first CrossFit qualifier
failing 3 times at an opening press
weight that should not have been
heavy….IT WAS!!! I then stepped
for my deadlift, 300# a success. It
felt heavier than normal but it went
up. I then to 320….I don’t think the
bar moved. Failed twice at a weight
I had easily lifted a few days before.

It’s been a long time since I have
failed like that. It was very hard
for me. My coach Michael Street
said something I would say to one
of my clients. He asked me if I
learned from it, I was too upset to
answer that but after hours of
waiting for WOD #2 I shook it off.
I had been humbled, I had to put
It behind me, get my mind right and
focus on the next thing.

I went into the second WOD very
confident and completed the WOD
with one of the fastest times. I left
it all out there. I overcame my own
mind to enjoy great success after
what I saw as such failure earlier.

The answer was YES!!! I learned
that no matter what has happened
in the past you can’t let it affect the
future. Move on and learn from it!!!

The competition was good for my
soul, I WANT MORE!!!!!

Coach Lu

  1. Paul@CFQ said:

    If you learned it was a success. That lesson applies not only to CF, but to life as well. It’s cliche, but so true. You don’t realize it until it happens. We’re all proud of you regardless.

  2. Patti Chambers said:

    We at Crossfit Allegiance are so proud of you. You
    motivate us everyday and we wish we could do the same to you.
    Maybe it is a wake up call to all of us to pick it up and
    work harder in the gym. Next year let’s have a team
    Medford Allegiance and kick some butt!!!!! We love you Lu.

  3. Christie@CFGP said:

    You are a phenomenal athlete and you have been an inspiration to me. Although we haven’t spent much time together I feel like I have learned so much from you. In your coaching and in life you allow others to learn from your accomplishments and also your challenges. Thank you for all you do and good job!

  4. linda thomas said:

    I agree with Patti. We should all go next year. I can’t say that I am not a competitive person anymore because crossfit has taught me to compete. You are and always have been an unusually “driven” person and it is an honor to have the benefit of absorbing some of that from you. I am very proud of you and your shot at “The Games”. You know, God has a plan for you every day of your life and there is a reason for everything and it is not up to us to question, but to know this is the way it should be. Sorry, I am done preaching.
    We all love you and are very proud of you. Keep it up.

  5. Matt said:

    I was inspired by your post…I love the challenge of Crossfit, even though I am only 4 months into my own training. Question for you, how do I know what the qualifying times/exercises are? I would be interested, so that I met set some lofty goals for the future and work towards them.

    Thanks, and good luck…

    • Matt said:

      I received a follow-up to my post, at least via email – didn’t see it on here though. My question is about qualifying times for WODs and such. For instance, the WOD FRAN or GRACE is common for competitions. I was just curious as to what times by weight class are out there so I can set some goals. Perhaps we are not talking about the same things.

      Thanks anyway!

      • Matt,
        I didn’t respond on here because I was not sure what it is that you were asking. There is no such things as weight classes in CrossFit. So there is no Fran, Grace times on weight classes only Fran and Grace times.

  6. Nick (from HEL up in Portland) said:

    Hey maybe it was a sign that you should train more with people who are better than you. I know that training by myself can be really successful as long as I work alone but working out with groups after a long stint of alone training can mess with my head. I know you’re a super talented athlete so finding people better than you might be a little hard, especially in Medford ;), but having people to strive to bet and be able to brag about betting is one of the beautiful things Crossfit gives us. It was good to see you up there, go for the video qualifier this weekend.

  7. Leslie P said:


    I was checking out the new website, and read this blog. For anyone who wasn’t able to witness it, I can testify that you came back STRONG in wod 2! It was thrilling and inspiring and I commend you on harnessing your emotion and getting focused for the second wod.

    The new site looks good, too and everybody’s gotta love that picture of your neice- we’ll watch for her at the CF Games in a few more years!

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