An Oldie

Just wanted to bring back an article I wrote a long time ago….ran across it and wanted to share again, I don’t think it could be said enough.  Read it and pass it along.  



CrossFit is fitness for life, it is the sport of fitness but it’s so much more than that!!!!  It is about winning the battle that is fought within your mind every time you look at the white board, every time you pick up the weight and every time you finish one round and have to start the next.  This battle is between the “I can” and the “I can’t”….can’t never did anything!!!  ”I can” can do the impossible.  ”Can”, can bring more success than you ever imagined.  It’s the battle that you win every time you finish a workout.  The point is not how fast you finished the point is you finished.

PS-For all of our convenience I have created a new web address…you know how many times I get asked, “how do you spell allegiance?”  So set your new home page to  Let this site be what you start out your day with…there is alway some piece of very useful information on it.

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  1. Mike Ussary said:

    Great information session last evening, Lu. I seen a few blank faces, but it does work. I welcome the challenge and the XFIT family will only push me little hard on my journey to kick some ass in the OZ Fitness Challenge and win the trip to DOWN UNDER. Austin, keep up the good work, and look forward to seeing my food logs. Remember PAIN IS ONLY TEMPORARY, BUT QUITTING IS FOREVER!!!
    Mike Ussary

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