What is the most rewarding part of CrossFit?

Is it the physical reward for you?

Maybe it’s the mental part?

Tell us your story!!!  Inspire me.

  1. Jan said:

    Where do I begin? About 18 months ago I was playing tennis and felt a twinge in the back of my left heel. It immediately started hurting so I stopped playing. Within a week my left foot was so painful I could hardly walk. Yep…that dreaded plantar fascitis yet again in my life. For the next 14 months I was basically ‘crippled’ by the pain. Walking was pure torture. Exercise was impossible. I considered using my father’s walker on many occasions just to get from one room to another. On a few occasions I had to crawl down my hall just to go to bed.

    I woke up every morning in dread. That feeling overwhelmed me when I woke up. How bad is the pain going to be today? Will I be able to walk? Pain pills and analgesics to just try to get some sleep was the norm. I propped my feet up on pillows so they didn’t touch anything while I was sleeping hoping for some pain relief. Physical therapy, arch supports, podiatrists ( I said HECK NO to the steroid injections!) a great husband that rubbed my feet for HOURS to stop my crying….

    I am not a baby when it comes to pain. I grew up in ski boots. My feet were in pain all day every day when I skied. I finally had to quit in my 20’s because it just didn’t make sense anymore! I had three failed surgeries on my left foot for neuroma pain. I ruptured my right arch playing soccer and also tore my left achilles tendon on the field. I played softball with plantar fascitis because I loved the game. I broke my finger and had a failed surgery to repair it which ended up in a fusion playing softball too. I tried to keep active. When your feet fail you it is a difficult place to be.

    In January of 2009 I started to VERY slowly and VERY gingerly work out at CrossFit Allegiance with Lu. My foot pain was still brutal but I didn’t think it could hurt much more so why not try it. I would spend three hours in a fixed boot at home and work out one hour at CrossFit. It seemed to start to help it. I couldn’t do a box jump if my life depended on it. Burpees were out of the question (but who could be sad about that!) as I couldn’t flex my toes to do one. Running….yep I am the one straggling behind walking. BUT….I kept coming back.

    In late January my husband and I went to Hawaii for our anniversary. I actually hiked a bit and did a bunch of walking…thank goodness for the foot rubs in the evening. But I did it! It seems that my foot was getting stronger and stronger and that maybe soon I could wear shoes that weren’t extremely ugly and ‘good’ for my feet.

    Last nights Pyramid workout was a new plateau for me. The buy-in was two 400 meter runs along with other things…I RAN half of the first lap and 2/3 of the second lap! Then we did the work out….I ended up doing 11 rounds so it was 132 squats, 132 push ups and 132 situps. The great part was I did push-ups for the first time on dumbells because my fused finger as it makes it impossible for me to put my hand flat and I have never been able to do the sit-ups like ‘real people’ because of past tail bone issues. I did all of the sit-ups on the floor last night!

    So if you are 53 years old, out of shape with back issues from years of crashing and burning at high speeds on the mountain, fused fingers, bad arches, ruptured tendons and overweight….CrossFit might just be for you too! Watch out you young guys, there is a fire-breather in here and I am just getting warmed up!!!

  2. Patti Chambers said:

    Evolution of a Cross fitter!

    We have all been there, our first crossfit workout.
    I remember doing a couple of reps and then stopping, bending
    over, gulping air and wondering what I got myself into.
    Coming back those first few weeks was intimidating as I feared the workout
    and what it would take to get through it. My body was sore all the time and I wondered at my age if it was all worth it. I depended on my crossfit trainer, Lu Crenshaw, to provide me with motivation to go on and she did. As I became more comfortable with the techniques; deadlifts, push press, pull-up, etc. I thought maybe I could handle the workouts. But just when you get comfortable it’s time to up your weight load or speed up your reps. The realization that there was no slacking in cross fit, hit me hard about two to three months into the program. Crossfit is challenging no matter what fitness level you are at. I think this is a pivotal point in a crossfitters life, do you embrace this life style or do you retreat back to the global gym where it is safe and easy. I found myself craving the workouts instead of fearing them. I began to feel stronger and more confident and then it happened, I kipped my first pull-up. I was hooked!
    At six months I wanted more and I began to workout three or four times a week with a new outlook. I began to ask myself not can I finish a workout but can I go heavier or can I go faster. With this renewed dedication I began to feel some of the health benefits of crossfit, weight loss and muscle tone. I learned about the zone diet and said goodbye to my bad carbs that have been holding me back.
    About a year into crossfit I came full circle when I certified as a level one crossfit trainer. I now get to movtivate others to finish their workouts and give it all they have. I now get the satisfaction of seeing others evolve into life time crossfitters.

    • Jan said:

      Your influence in the gym is an obvious one! When Zach works hard but you beat him and I hear him muttering under his breath….I did better but I still have to beat Patti’s time! She’s a stud!

      Yesterday when we were finishing our 800 meter run Ellie came out for the last 200 meters to run with me. When we got into the gym Lu was laughing because she had asked Ellie if she would go back out and help me finish. She said HECK NO! I’m exhausted…then she said…but I thought about that day when I was struggling and Patti came out and ran with me to help me finish. So thank you Patti for helping ME finish yesterday through Ellie!

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