The Journey

“The journey of a thousand miles begins

with a single step.”  -Lao Tzu












What do you find is the toughest thing when 

you come into XFA?  Is it just showing up?

Is it being coached?  Is it pushing yourself 

to a place of discomfort?  Let us know.  

  1. Fran said:

    What I find is the toughest thing when I come into XFA is the fear of getting hurt. I love that I feel stronger with each finished workout.

    Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

  2. Matt said:

    I personally fear not giving it my best every single time I step in the gym for another routine. I know that soreness and just the fatigue of life over a normal weak can affect my performance each time out. I don’t have a philosophical quote to support my comment – but just the simple cliche from Nike should suffice: JUST DO IT.

  3. Fran and I chatted this morning about her fears. She fears getting hurt. She said I have been cautious my whole life, I asked her where that got her. She just laughed and basically gave me the look of no where. If we decide in our heads everyday that we are going to get hurt or you walk in the gym hoping you won’t get hurt….you’re going to get hurt. It’s inevitable. Not wanting to get injured is doing yourself an injustice in your mind and to your body. You are putting the intention in your head of not getting hurt, rather than the intention of coming in, training hard and leaving stronger. I recommended to her to leave that fear at the door every time she comes in. She was great today in the workout. Really pushed her strength and did some killer pushups. Keep with the mindset of getting stronger!!!

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