I Couldn’t Do It Without YOU!


We miss you Chels!!!

We miss you Chels!!!










XFA has been getting alot of press
the past few day and I feel so lucky.



I just wanted to thank everyone
who is involved down at the gym.
You guys just make XFA a great
place you be. You all come in
with great attitudes, with hearts
ready to train and minds that
will not be broken. I just want
you guys to know how much
your hard work means to me.
It means that you believe in me
and what we have going on in
the gym. It means you believe
in yourself and all those around
you. You all inspire those in the
gym whether you know it or not,
there’s someone that looks up to
YOU in the gym everyday. So
keep coming with that amazing
spirit and keep spreading the
word. If you want a place to go
where you feel valued, powerful,
and strong beyond measure XFA
is the place. Thank you for allowing
me to be a part of your lives. I
feel so lucky to have the job that
I do. YOU the XFA family makes
is ALL worth! Get some, Go again!!!

  1. Chelsey said:

    Miss you guys too! So glad that XFA is getting the press it deserves. You’ve put so much in to it and the people are awesome there! Get some, go again. 🙂 I love it!

  2. We miss you too Chelsey. It’s just not the same without you here!!!! Things are going well and everyone is working hard. You brought an amazing amount of intensity to each class….Keep making those around you better wherever you go!!!!

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