Commitment Can Change Your Life.


Chris (second in on the right) with some of those that inspired him to start

Chris (second in on the right) with some of those that inspired him to start

Thank you Chris for sharing your story with us all.  You have truly grown by leaps and bound this last month.  I’m so proud of you and you are becoming an inspiration to many.  I’m not sure if you ever thought that after walking in the doors your life would change this way or that you would inspire others….BUT YOU ARE.  Keep it up.

I think you can judge a lot about someone’s personal discipline by their physical appearance. 

We all know that people don’t WANT their gut to hang over their seatbelt or for us guys to have our chest jiggle around when we go over speed-bumps in the car. 

The truth of this statement has bugged me for years. It was bad enough to be overweight, but to know that I was personifying an all Taco Bell diet and an unmotivated physical lifestyle really got to me. I just couldn’t find that discipline, no matter how hard I tried.

Last year I got a gym membership and forced myself to lose some weight before my wedding. It was the worst 5 pounds I ever lost. Jogging for half an hour while watching CNN with no sound. Lifting weights a million different ways with a million different questions in my head. All this while I watched guys with huge biceps (only) stand in front of the treadmills and talk to chicks in $400 color-coordinated workout uniforms. The accent colors in the sweat band calling out various colors on the way down to the Nike swoosh on their shoes. 

All that to say. It didn’t last.

One year of being happily married and sitting in a cubicle later, some friends of mine approached me about Crossfit. They had all seen great results and swore up and down it was the greatest thing… and it sounded like it. So I went.

After the first week, Crossfit provided enough discipline in my life to start a diet and stick with it. 5 weeks later and I’m down 15 pounds. But it’s not enough to just say that. The real results are not shown by the scale. I’m beginning to see my body take shape, firm up, and take on definition. I have more energy and I’m watching myself get stronger and faster with each workout. Mentally and physically. Before I started the program I had a form of sleep apnea which kept me from getting any REM rest time at night. Since the second week of Crossfit I haven’t had a single issues resulting in a ton more energy in the day.

I love Crossfit because it’s everything that working out at the gym is not. It’s always a different workout, and with Lu standing over you cheering you on, every rep is the way it’s supposed to be, so every rep counts. It’s also practical. You can work out at the gym 5 days in a week, buck hay on the weekend and still end up sore. 

It may require a good amount of discipline to be a Crossfitter, but it comes with the membership.


Chris Eddie

For any of you that have a story to share please do!!!  You never know who might read it and have their lives changed.

  1. linda thomas said:

    That is a great story. I love to read how XFA has changed peoples lives. Crossfit and Lu Crenshaw are the greatest.

  2. Jason C said:

    Chris, I just wanted to say that I’ve been incredibly impressed by your gains. I started crossfit before you, but you’ve by far out performed me since. It’s amazing to see how well you do each day. I’ve found myself looking up to your performance each and every time we do xfit. Nice work!

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