Nutrition Challenge!!

Linda and Annie After a Fun Saturday WOD

As many of you know our Nutrition Challenge begins this Wednesday and will last until April 10th in which we will crush some folks in the Pear Blossom. There will be a meeting on February 9th at 7pm at XFA. So please check your email for all the info and bring any questions and concerns you might have to the meeting.

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to this Challenge for a number of reasons. First off, we are ALL working together holding ourselves accountable. Secondly, to improve our performance and results in the gym. WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT!?!? Lastly, to improve our overall health, there’s no one that can’t benefit from that.

Lu and I are so excited to watch how all of your lives are going to change. We are here to walk with you and to be your biggest fans. If you need anything please let us know.

Our hope is that you guys will begin to share your experiences and the changes that are happening as you walk this road. We would also like for you guys to post any recipes or thoughts you have on the site so that you guys can all be in this together!! GOOD LUCK!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the Superbowl as much as I did. How bout dem Saints!?!? HAHA!! Linda owes me some Burpees!!


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