Nutrition Challenge Meeting!!

Paleo Nutrition is a way of eating that best mimics diets of our hunter-gatherers. It is a combination of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. By eating the foods that we are genetically apt to eat, followers of the Paleo Nutrition are lean, have acne-free skin, improved athletic performance, and are experiencing relief from numerous metabolic-related and autoimmune diseases.

Thanks to everyone that attended our Nutrition Challenge meeting. The hope is to share our knowledge and continue to improve our quality of life with each other. We are looking forward to how each one of you embraces this challenge and supports one another! Good luck and have fun:)

AMRAP in 15 mins
4 x Deadlift
3 x Hang Power Cleans
2 x Front Squats
1 x Push Press

  1. Great seeing all your faces tonight….feel free to bombard us with as much info and questions as you have!!!!

  2. Mike Ussary said:

    Ate paleo all day today. Talipia with lemon, lime, and garlic oven baked with zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers (red) and mushrooms. It smelled and tasted very great. Off to bed in a little bit for 7-8 hours off sleep. One year wedding anniversary.

  3. Ben Chew said:

    Some folks seemed to like this at the XFA Christmas party. So now that you’er all eating strict paleo for 60 days, maybe you’ll want to have it some evening.

    Paleo Sausage Pumpkin Soup

    1- 16oz package of breakfast sausage (the stuff in the plastic tube, make sure to get the stuff with sage added to it.)
    1- 15 oz can of solid pack pumpkin (NOT Pumpkin pie mix)
    4- cups low sodium chicken broth
    1/2- cup of coconut milk
    1- large onion – chopped
    1- tsp. thyme
    1- tsp. oregano
    1/2- tsp ginger
    1- tsp paprika (use spicy if you have it)
    1/2- tsp Cayenne pepper
    black pepper to taste
    Olive oil

    • In a large sauce pot heat olive oil and sautee onions until translucent. Remove to a bowl.
    • In same pot, add sausage and cook until browned.
    • Add all the spices
    • Return onions to pot along with the can of pumpkin and stir well
    • Add 4 cups of chicken broth and stir well
    • Get a handheld blender and puree the entire soup. You can use the blender. Be careful not to seal the blender cap firmly. The hot air will make it explode and make a big mess. If using a blender, return soup to pot when done with puree
    • Add 1/2 cup of coconut milk
    • Add a pat of butter and mix in with a spoon. This will make more velvety.
    • Taste and add black pepper.

    Serve or store. Allow to cool before you place in the fridge.

    this is pretty much the original recipe. I never follow instructions when cooking. I added more cayenne, and played around with the spices some. Its your meal so play around with it, make it something you really like. If it doesn’t turn out you only have to eat it once…then you can do better next time.

  4. Monique said:

    Question on pull up bands. What is the least to most resistance? I thought it was



  5. Mike- Congrats on the Wedding Anniversary!! Have FUN:)

    Ben- Thanks for the post, I am going to try that recipe soon!! I heard good things.

    Mo- small tan, red, blue, green, thicker tan. I don’t know if we use the purple but if we do I would say its between the small tan and the red!

  6. Mo:

    Thick Cream
    Thin Cream
    No Band

    There is a red and a purple that are new and I’m not sure where they fall as they aren’t from the same company. Hope that helps!!!!

    Great job everyone things are plugging right along.

  7. Monique said:

    Thanks, that makes sense now! Next goal – NO BAND!

  8. Chelsey said:

    Where do you get your bands? Rogue?

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