Runner’s WEEK 1

Great Job Saturday Class!!

Hope every one had a great weekend and is ready to get after it this week. Thanks to those who posted some of their favorite recipes over the weekend, they looked scrumptious diddle umptious:) Looking forward to giving them all a try. Feel free to post tasty recipes as you continue to develop your own library of healthy meals. You can count on us to do the same!

Calling ALL runners its time to start incorporating some extra runs through out the week to help get us prepared to ROCK the Pear Blossom. Here are acouple for this week to get you guys started. Try and work the runs into your schedule as best fits and if you have any questions please ask. Looking forward to seeing all your faces in the gym next week.

We need to come up with what we want our T-shirt to say on the back for the Pear Blossom? Any ideas post them to the comments and we will pick the top 3 and have a vote!! Put your thinking caps on and lets see what we can come up with!?!?

3 x 15 Reps
GHD Situps
GHD Hip Extensions
KB Swings

400m Run
50 Situps
30 Double Unders
800 M Run
50 Superman
30 Double Unders
400m Run

Running WOD’s

8 x 200m Sprints 90 sec recovery
Try to keep splits within 2-3 seconds of each other

2 x 800m 90 sec recovery


  1. Julie said:

    I have a question about the running WOD’s. Are we supposed to do both of them sometime during the week whenever we can? If I’m understanding it correctly they aren’t both meant for today. Just thought I’d check!

  2. Happy Monday everyone!!! Little clarification on the running WODs. We will be posting the runs for the week on Monday so you will have the whole weeke whenever works for you to do the runs. Hope that helps everyone out.

  3. Monique said:

    A stop watch sounds like a good investment 🙂

  4. Trista said:

    Thank you for the clarification on the runs but I need a little bit more clarification. Can you define the c-wod and the x-wod please.

  5. Monique said:

    Trista, C wods are for the runners and X are for the people not running. That’s what I read a few posts ago anyway. 🙂

  6. Yes that’s correct. The WOD marked C is the people running and the X is for those choosing not to run.

  7. Trista said:

    Ok, I was confused and I knew it had been covered but I missed it 🙂 Thanks guys.

  8. We’re so here for you babe!!!! Hey guys let’s start the ball rolling on some tshirt ideas!!!!! We gotta catch some eyes at the run!!!!

  9. Mike Ussary said:

    Just read an interesting article from the Archives of Internal Medicine about the benefits of a low-carb (<20g) compared a low fat diet (30% of calories from fat). The study group of average age 52 with a bmi of 39 the group on the low carb plan lost 1.5% more body weight and systolic blood pressure (top number) dropped by 5.9 mm Hg compared to 1.5mm Hg for the low fat group. The low fat group was also taking Orlistat, a prescription drug and Alli. HDL and triglyceride levels droped also. The article was publised on Jan 25, Healthday News. Just a little more support for the Paleo food plan.

  10. Monique said:

    I’m feeling pretty stoked about doing 30 of my 36 pullups without a band today!

  11. Mo…that’s 83% of your pullups done unassisted!!! I’m super proud of you. Did you think that when you walked in the doors at XFA that you would ever do a pullup with no help…or 30 for that matter? Good info Mike!!!

  12. Cris said:

    Way to go MO!! I used the red band today! Super pumped! Can’t wait to make it up to your level! Lol!
    With that being said.. no more of this ” Leaving the heavy stuff to the young ones” thats crap! Your a stud!!

    So proud!

  13. Monique said:

    Nope, never thought I could half of what I’m doing now. Getting such a big does of encouragement sure helps! Thanks!! Cris, heavy being more than my own body weight ;). Thanks girl!

  14. Laura said:

    posting times today for running WOD: 39, then 37 uphills, 35 downhill for the 8x 200 sprints. The 200 was a rough measure at my house…don’t really have a way to measure exact. 🙂

  15. M@ said:

    Hey all. Do you guys know of any tracks that allow public use? Anything in CP or J-ville? I don’t want to get questioned because I hop the fence at some high school! 🙂

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