Ode to the Craving!!!

You have entered Tinseltown, you walk past all three concession stands before arriving at theatre #6. Your nostrils are filled with the aroma of double buttered salted popcorn and diet Coke and your taste buds scream for Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. It’s your lucky day, the nose-picking ten year old with a box full of Junior mints has gone from innocent bystander to safari style prey (too bad he picked the seat next to you). You’ve been CrossFitting four days a week so of course stealing this snot-nose kids candy will be easier than 30 freaking double unders. Even though the common consensus is we are a gym full of super fit people let’s not let our claim to fame be choke holding fourth grade kids out of their box of Junior Mints. (Dramatic emphasis added by the one and only Annie Hoffmeier)

Cristal Loves Paleo

We are talking about the cravings folks. Too bad we don’t crave brussel sprouts and broccoli. Well maybe not too bad but we would be a whole lot healthier if we did. But, here’s the deal, if you are craving food chances are you are missing something significant in the food you are eating. You may be eating food that is too acidic or you need a bit more acid in your food. We all are a bit different though in how we break down food and what works best for us. So we have attached a website that has a chart that will help you with distinguishing cravings. What your craving is really saying, what your body is trying to let you know it needs. The website is listed below.

<a href=”“>

Click on the blue randomness above to get to the link….

Here are a few more tricks for helping with cravings:

1. Start taking fish oil it’s brilliant for cravings. This is a link to some of the purest fish oil you can buy…it’s what I use and I LOVE IT!!!!

CLICK TO ORDER FISH OIL click products at the top of the page

2. Don’t chew gum all day thinking that it will help the craving go away, it’s only adding too it as you are getting an insulin response from the artificial sweetener in gum.

3. Don’t drink a diet to try and cure it, the artificial stuff is gonna do what the gum does.

4. Make sure you are getting enough water

5. Follow the chart and the info it’s giving you for certain cravings.

Tell us what you have been struggling with the most. Everyone is struggling somewhere let’s help each other out and support the fam.

Front Squat with 2 second pause in bottom:5,3,3,3
Clean: 3,3,2,2,1,1
Split Jerk: 3,2,1,1,1

Rest 5-10 min

Work on Muscle Ups


Press 3,2,2,1,1,1
Max Strict Pullups
Back Squat 3,2,2,1,1,1
Max Kipping Pullups

  1. How many of you guys are feeling a bit more comfortable in your own skin? Like you just have a little bit more room to function under my skin….does that make sense to anyone? Anyone else feeling the same way? Or let us know how you are feeling. There are almost 45 people participating, let’s hear what’s going on….

    • linda thomas said:

      I was just thinking about that!!! I feel so much better, and I really haven’t modified my diet that much, so I can imagine how great people must feel that are doing this for the first time. Yea, sometimes it is hard but man, is it ever worth the feeling of putting on those jeans in the morning and feeling like you have room to breath a little easier. I love it!

      P.S. I had a banana mac pancake with kiwi and blueberries on it this morning and it was awesome.

  2. Cristal said:

    Well I have yet to feel “comfortable” but I KNOW I will get there! I have been waking up at 3:30am starving! Fish oil does help! That is for sure! The only thing I have been struggling with is well, being hungry! Can I keep eating until Im full? I drink TONS of H2O and try and wait it out… and Yup it’s hunger all right.


    • linda thomas said:

      If our first love was only something other than food!!! Wouldn’t that be great? Just like with a bad boyfriend it is going to take a little while to get over it, although you’re never really over it, it just finds it way to the back of your mind and doesn’ bother you like it used to…..that’s hilarious!

  3. Cristal try and eat more, you may not be getting enough. Use the equation I posted last week and take a couple days and really really look into your intake amounts. Go to fitday.com and type in all you’re eating and see where you come out calorie wise!!!! You may just need more food sweets!!!!!

  4. Monique said:

    I’m not very hungry. But, I put food in my mouth when I’m bored or frustrated. :/ Question on the running splits. Are we supposed to be doing 800, 90 sec rest, 800 sprinting or for min time? Or just running?

  5. Monique said:

    Ok, I’ll be faster next time then! 🙂

  6. Ben Chew said:

    This ten year old is going DOWN!

  7. Mike Ussary said:

    My skin is getting loose. Calorie count has been down the last couple of days.. 1500 yesterday and 1800 today. I will focus more on eating more protien, soul and face, because it has been short around 60 grams. Good thing is, I am not having any cravings or feeling hungry thoughout the day. Are green beans or the do not eat list, I was uable to locate them or either list??

  8. Ceci Myers said:

    I love the Cravings chart, it really does give you a broad sense of what you are really craving instead of that cupcake or pizza in front of you.
    I was Vegan for the better part of the year…..but, do to cravings I would occassionaly “slip”. Now seeing the chart I could of had more control. Control is my issue! and now I have a way to fight it! Also eating meat has changed my body for the better, it is WAY easier to gain muscle and hold onto it! Boredom also gets me to eat but I discovered like many others bringing enough good clean snacks and food with you will help keep you on the right track.

  9. Green beans are ok Mike. Ceci thanks for sharing babe!!!! So nice to see what the protein is doing for you. Holding onto muscle also means the ability to burn fat….woohoo!!!!

  10. Monique said:

    That’s the same face Cris made after she did her 95# split jerk tonight! 🙂 More muscle keeps the fire burning!

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