Fun Day Friday!!

Everybody great job this week, hard work and good Nutrition all over the place…so great to see:)  I also wanted to give a shout to Shane for having a great start to the challenge losing 12 pounds so far!!  That is awesome!! We are starting to notice change in body composition and we all want to hear and share in your success.  Let us know how your looking, feeling, and performing?


T-Shirt For The Pear Blossom:

What should go on the back of OUR t-shirts? Any suggestions?


Fun Day Friday YOU pick your WOD!!

  1. Mel said:

    Tenth day in breaking the daily habit of a 16 oz chocolate macadamia nut sweet latte followed by a mid-day HFCS Dr. Pepper (44 oz) AARRGGHH! Still enjoy a morning coffee though, only now with a couple of tablespoons of coconut milk sans syrup.

  2. Monique said:

    WTG Shane!

    Is there a Saturday class at 9:30?

  3. Laura said:

    Holy Crap Shane!!! That rocks! Great job!

  4. Terry said:

    Dinner tonight was Salmon with Coconut Cream Sauce with Swiss Chard. Quick, Easy & Yummmmy!. Check out for the salmon recipe and many more….

  5. Ceci Myers said:

    WOW Terry that sounds amazing, im on my way to the store and I think I will try it!

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