Pear Blossom


Linda & Julie kicking butt on some partner sit ups!!



Quote of the Day:  “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” -Robert Kirosaki

Pear Blossom Runner’s

Just wanted to let you all know that we need to register for the Pear Blossom by March 15 in order to receive a Pear Blossom T-Shirt!!  Speaking of T-shirts we wanted to order some for all of us to wear during the run.  T-shirts will cost $12 if we want one post a comment with XFA T-shirt on the Top of the post!!  Now all we  need is a slogan or phrase for the back of the T-shirt.  Any suggestions on what you guys might want the shirt to look like…color or design? You will be wearing them too!!  We will all vote on the top three designs!!  So be creative and post your thoughts to the comments?  Looking forward to what we come up with?        



10, 9, 8….1
Zercher Squats from the ground M115/W75
Push Press from the ground M115/W75


5×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift
3x Max HSPU
3x Max Handstand Hold

  1. Mike Ussary said:

    Put me down for a tee shirt XXL. Great Runner WOD this am with Austin. Thanks for the push. Susan and Christina did an awesome job. Working on dinner for this evening with my wife, Pam, who has been gone to Sisters, OR for 4 days. Considering flank steak, with onions, peppers and mushrooms cooked in a marinade of fresh squeezed lemon, lime and garlic,(and whatever other spices look good in the cabinet, maybe some paparika, cumin, mustard powder, etc) with a salad of spinach, romain lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, tomatos, mushrooms, green onion, avacado, top off with sunflower seeds and basmalic vinegar and olive oil.

  2. Cristal said:

    I would like a small please and thank you! Since they will most likely be mens correct?

    Mike- your dinner sounds amazing!!! mmmhmmm!!

  3. Cristal said:

    and just an fyi.. there is an error on the sign up link…

  4. Monique said:

    All registered! I will also take a small like Cris, if mens sizing. If the same as our XFA shirts, I need a large.

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