Home Sweet Home!!


Our New Home


As you guys probably heard we have a New Home and our move in date will be here before we know it.  Move in date is set for the last weekend in March, which is Friday 26th to Monday the 29th.  We are queasy with anticipation to turn our new home into something spectacular and special for everyone.  We want to know if there is anything you guys wanted to see or have in our new home?  Would you guys want to have a Wall of Fame with pictures, more platforms, rings, boxes, more class times, and a wall with your current max lifts for all to see?  We want you guys to feel as much a part of this new journey as you want.  We might not get everything we want right now but we will take all the suggestions into consideration.  Hoping with all of your support we can turn our new home into something greater than our minds could imagine.           


10 sets of 2 Clean and Jerk – 180 sec rest…
180 sec rest

30 Broad Jump to burpees


400 M Run
400 M Run

  1. Ben said:

    One thing you’ll need for sure is a bigger pull-up station.

  2. Eve said:

    I vote for more class times- maybe a 7 p.m. a couple times a week 🙂 A progress board to show us how much better we are getting might be neat too- something where we put where we started and what our PR is in comparrison to that? I don’t know if you already have that…

  3. linda thomas said:

    The new place looks great. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with all of us in it. I don’t do “change” well, so I can’t possibly imagine what else our gym could use. You have always made such good choices and decisions before, so I put it all in your hands. I also trust that anyone with a good idea won’t keep it to themselves, but share it with you.
    Here’s to the future!

  4. Chris! said:

    …Get more of those full body gym machines shown in the picture above! We can all work out on those for our classes. Oh and tons of TV’s and treadmills. Yeah…. what!

    SO stoked for the new building (and the shower)!

  5. Ben said:

    Oh yeah, with Eve on more class times too. Maybe even more class days.

  6. Anne Hansen said:

    Congratulations!! I am so excited for the move- yay for Crossfit!
    I vote for a 400 time 😉
    Other than that…
    I like the all white boards- keep lots of those around…one for quotes, the wall of fame, maybe a group message board (for if someone wants to do a group thing, like hiking or running),
    more boxes for box jumps…
    I agree with Linda- you have done a good job so far- keep it up!
    IF you build it, they will come, right?

    If you need anything for a kid area, I can dontate!

  7. Anne Hansen said:

    Oh, for the kid space…can you put a whiteboard in there? or keep the chalkboard? I like that!

  8. Ceci Myers said:

    It is going to be awsome!
    more space= more people!

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