One Month Down…One More To Go!!


If you guys haven’t notice one month down in the Nutrition Challenge one more to go!!!  We hope all of you are trying your best to stay on track and staying true to yourselves.  By now we should have a good idea of how to incorporate the caveman eating style into our daily life.  We want the second half to be better than the first!! What has been the biggest obstacles to overcome?  How have you managed to control your temptations?  What can we do to improve ourselves?  What things are we starting to notice about how we look, feel and perform?  How have you been sleeping?  If you have any questions or want to talk about any struggles please let us know what we can to do to help?  We want to be as much a part of this journey as you will let us.  We are so proud of every one of you guys that walks through that red door…so very lucky and feel so privileged to work with so many amazing people.  We are here for you and want the best for all!!  Keep up the hard work and support for each other!!  You guys truely make a difference…we are in this together and thank God for that!!   


5 rounds for time rest 120sec between each of the sets

10 GHD Sit Ups

15 GHD Glute Ham Raises

20 M25lb/W20lb DBall slams 


5 Rounds

1 Power Snatch

10 OHS 75/55

  1. Mel Friend said:

    If the second half is better than the first half, I’ll have to buy a new pant size for the third time since starting at XFA last July! One month without sweet lattes and HFCS sodas, along with good healthy eats, has resulted in a second wardrobe overhaul for me, even with my hiatus from the gym for the past three weeks! So keep up the good work everyone…and why would you stop doing this after the challenge is done in two months?

  2. Monique said:

    I have no shortage of muscle from this last month’s intense strength training. My real challenge is the total lack of self control and getting in all three of the runs! Giving it my all this second half. 🙂

    Congrats Mel! That is fantastic.

  3. Mel you da man!! Its not the same with out you in the gym thats for sure!! But your dedication and committment is the truth to your success. There is nothing like a new wardrobe especially if its heading in the right direction!! Keep up the hard work buddy!!


  4. Hey Mo,

    Maybe we can set up a group to run at times during the week. It may be helpful to a whole bunch of folks. Anyone else agree? Way to go on working hard this month everyone. I’m super proud of all of you.


    • Monique said:

      That’s a good idea if people can commit. I would have run with Annie last night, if I hadn’t been in cowboy boots. Going to run right now!

  5. Cristal said:

    I think thats an awesome idea! I would love that! night runs are the best!!

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