Promo Video!!


Patti resting after the WOD...she has a motor that never STOPS!!

A huge thanks goes out to every one that stayed and wanted to come but couldn’t arrange it, thanks for your continuous support for XFA.   The promo video is going to be amazing!  Super excited to see how it all turned out!!  Thanks to Tyler Maddox, Phil Young, Matt Doell of Maddox Visual Production  for all of their hard work.  Special thanks to Ceci Myers for helping with makeup and making us all look good!!  We also want to say thanks for being good sports about all the extra gear, we will be back to normal on Wednesday.  But I mean come on kinda makes you feel like a superstar…haha!!  All of you are truly amazing people and happy to share this experience with you.

Check out Maddox Visual Production websites, pretty impressive work.



5 rounds for time:

Farmer’s Walk  down 20m and back 20m w/ 75bs/50lbs in each hand

Body weight back squat x 7

Pull ups x 10 

Box Jumps to 30″/24″ x 13



Work on Split Jerk

5 Rounds

30 squats

20  pull ups

10 burpees

1 comment
  1. Ceci said:

    Thanks XFA! It was my pleasure!! Thank you Lu! 🙂

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