Guess Who?

Guess Who’s Pull Up Hands?

Check out this video and please make sure we are taking care of our hands.  Too many people have ripped and teared their hands this week!!

The link is from CrossFit Fort Hood and the video comes from CrossFit Los Angeles…hope this helps!


Runner WOD

Press: 5, 5, 3, 3

Power Snatch: 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1

REST 10 mins

5 Rounds:

1 min as many double unders as possible

6 muscle ups



15-12-9-6-3 Reps


Box Jumps

  1. Trista Myers said:

    Are those Gretchens? She was working sooooo hard today.

  2. Ben said:

    I’m gonna say Laura’s hands

  3. Monique said:

    I’m all about the emery board…and gloves.

  4. Austin said:

    Nope keep guessing Ben! I know Mo I like those as well:)

  5. Chelsey said:

    What could be a modification for muscle ups? Dips? Ring rows? Thanks.

  6. Lu said:

    Pullups and dips chels. 3-4 reps of each per muscle up. So 18-24 pullups and dips per round.

  7. Monique said:

    I would say it’s Annie, but I thought only one of her hands was torn up. hmmm

  8. Austin said:

    Mo you were right Annie only ripped on one hand. Give you guys a hint those are male hands!!

  9. linda thomas said:

    I say they belong to that mad man, Chris Eddie!!! There was I time I would have guessed they were mine, but for some reason mine haven’t torn in a long time. (knock on wood)

  10. M@ said:

    I hope those are Eddie’s. He deserves it! What?

  11. chelsey Muri said:

    Thanks Lu! I’ll be in that area end of June. I hope to stop by and get some workouts in. Excited to see the promo!

  12. Austin said:

    Linda and M@ that is correct!! Chris Eddie’s hands and a total mad man indeed.

  13. Lu said:

    Yeah Chels please come in!!!!

  14. Chris! said:

    I’m offended at all the people guessing girls. 😦

    Just kidding. I guess I have those girly soft guitarist hands.

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