Paleo Party


Trista & Sophie!!

Pam & Mike




Paleo Party!!  Great people + great food = great time!!  Thanks to everyone that showed up to the Paleo Party and shared their favorite paleo dish.  The food was amazing and there was even gluten-free beer!!  We all had a great time and a special thanks to Shane Sevick for the hospitality.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wouldn’t mind stocking up my recipe book with those dishes from the party… fabulous!!  So for those that brought a dish if you could please post to comments for all to enjoy!!  

Last Week at the old place!!  On Friday March 26th we will have two classes 6am and 9am class.  After the 9am class we will start the move to the new gym!! We could really use some help this weekend moving and setting up our future home!!  Our new address is 1921 United Way, right across from Southern Oregon Brewery, back left corner.  

Don’t forget to Sponser-A-Mat $39 before April 1st for an unlimited month membership!!  Just need to use before September!!  

Hope you all had a great weekend looking forward to having an awesome last week in our old gym!!  Lets go out the right way blood, sweat, and tears!!    


6 rounds for time: 

5 Power Cleans (185/130) 

10 knees to elbows 

15 Med Ball Slams 


3 Rounds of: 

50 Double Unders 

21 Burpees 

400m Run 

X-WOD Runs  

Run ALL 4!! 

Run: 12x 20sec Sprints, All out Efforts… 2min Recovery between sprints 

Run: 3k for 5ker’s/5k for 10 milers 

3×7 min intervals w/3min recovery between rounds. 

Run: 1 mile Hill climb, Incline between 6-12%. First 1/2mile, Run backwards,2nd 1/2 mileRun Forward.

  1. Austin said:

    Fudge Babies!!

    1 1/3 cup dates
    1 cup walnuts
    4 tbs of cocoa powder
    1 tsp of vanilla

    place into food processor then form into bite size pieces. Place into refrigerator for acouple hours and serve. Tasty treat!!

    • Trista said:

      Thank you for sharing the recipe Austin, those were awesome!

  2. Monique said:

    Is X wod really C wod?

  3. Lu said:

    Yeah Mo it is. That’s my bad I think I switched up on you guys…not sure where the X came from… are correct though!!!!!

  4. Monique said:

    That was the longest 14 minutes EVER!

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