2 Days Left!!

Sign Is Up:)

Hello XFA family hope everyone had a great day!! There was some serious energy today in all the classes.  Keep up the hard work two more days left at the old gym.  Lets go out in flames and burn the place down!!  HAHA!!  Please don’t forget 9:30 Saturday class will be at the new facility so please join us and break the new gym in the right way!  The address is 1921 United Way hope you all can come and celebrate!!!  

I also wanted to say great job to those gutting out the last couple weeks of our Nutrition Challenge, I know it’s not easy and you could very easily throw in the towel but who wants to give up on their nutrition, something so important to how we look, feel, and perform.  Plus your eating habits and food choices shouldn’t stop or change because the challenge will be over.  Our hope is that we have a better understanding of what types of food our body works best with and continue to tweak and modify.  I am proud of all of you, continue to push and better your life because you are so worth it and deserve every penny!!  

One last thing to all the Newbies that have decided to take the chance and give CrossFit Allegiance a shot thank you.  We promise to make your experience something you will never forget.  We all welcome you with open arms and are here to support you along this journey.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  Always love seeing new faces:)  


OHS: 5, 3, 3, 1 

Snatch: 6 x 2 on the min (use 80% of 1 RM) 

Rest 10 min 

5 x 30:30 (30sec on, 30 sec off) of 

Kettlebell Swings (35/26) 



OHS (135#/95#) 


Pull up

  1. Ben said:

    Really…..didn’t we already do this WOD just the other day?

  2. Sequoyah said:

    Yeah!! The newbies got a shout out!! Holla!! Thanks to the entire xfa family for your support!! You guys are GREAT at what you do!!!

  3. Mike Ussary said:

    Well the OZ Challenge (global gym) is over. Final numbers: weight loss 62.8 pounds and 41.375 inches for a total number of 104.175. That equates to a percentage of loss of 23.54%. Will not know the results until March 31, 2010. Like I told Austin when he asked how much do you want to lose, my response was whatever it takes to win the trip. My own goal of 30-40 pounds was exceeded weeks ago. I then set my sites on a combined goal of 100, and I made it plus a few. Thank you Austin, Lu and the entire crew at XFA-541 and my two workout partners on Tuesday and Friday, Susan and Christina, for your support and encouragement. I let everyone know the final results.

  4. linda thomas said:

    Congratulations Mike! Those numbers are unreal, that took a lot of hard work and commitment to achieve that goal. You should be very proud of yourself. I hope you win!

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