Last Day At The Gym!!

Quote of the Day:  “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

The day is upon us and after tomorrow no more red doors sad I know, no running into each other on the floor or on your way out the door for the runs, no strangers from across the street asking what we are doing in there, and no more rubber mat pieces in places we don’t want!!  There has been so many great moments that have been engraved in our memory that we will take with us.  The tiny, little place on the corner of 4th and Front St has seen some amazing things happen and so many peoples lives changed for the better.  Where we walk in unsure about ourselves and walk out wanting the best for ourselves!! 

There will be two classes tomorrow 6am and 9am and after the 9am class tomorrow we will start the move. We could use as much help as we can get to try to move  all the equipment by Friday.  Yes I am being optimistic, but we’re CrossFit Allegiance and all we need to do is put a timer to the move and we will have our old gym moved in no time!!  Okay maybe the timer idea is a little crazy, but I feel we can have most if not all the equipment moved tomorrow.  I am super excited about this weekend, yes lots of work ahead, but going to be so much fun sharing it with such an amazing group of people.  See ya all tomorrow and don’t forget Saturday 9:30am will be at the new gym, 1921 United Way.  Come take a look at the new place and help us break it in the right way.  Hope to see all of you peeps there!!  


Friday Fun Day:  So be creative with the equipment that will be available!!

  1. Monique said:

    Friday Fun Day = bustin’ out Dirty 30 minus 1 ! Good job girls and Happy Birthday Beth. =D

  2. Mike Ussary said:

    Left skin at the old gym this am. Great wod though, but the shins will be sore in the morning. Just hangin’ in the snow in Sun River this afternoon and evening.

  3. Ceci said:

    I did it for you! Great jobs ladies!! Left the old place with fun memories….excited about new begingings 🙂

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