Day 1 In The Books!!

Hello XFA family, great intensity on the WODs today guys, way to break in the new gym!  Just a couple of reminders, make sure to register for the Pear Blossom all you runners and yes I know I need to as well…Mo!!  Click on the link  to register.  Also, there is going to be a CrossFit dinner party on April 10th place and time TBA the night of the Pear Blossom, everyone is welcome to come enjoy good food and even better company.   Hope everyone is enjoying the new space, I know we sure are and thank you for your understanding with everything that still needs to be completed.  A few more weeks and we should be good to go!! Oh I almost forgot the promo video is being edited this week and we have gotten some great feed back. Super stoked to see how it turns out!!  Till tomorrow have a great night and sweet dreams to all!! 


5 thrusters on the min (95/65)

Continue on the minute until you fail, or reach 10 min/50 reps

Rest 10 min

100 push ups for time


3 Rounds of:
30 Wall Balls 10′
30 Hang Squat Snatch (75/45)

1 comment
  1. Monique said:

    help me out here. Yesterday the X WOD was for non runners and today it was for runners? Where did C wod go? dazed and confused

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