12 Weeks!!

 Mike Ussary





 Where do I begin?  Wow might be a great place to start!!  When I first met Mike I knew there was something special about him.  I felt an instant connection with him and he was willing to do whatever it took to change and get his body back on track!  The difference with Mike was that he took it serious, he was determined, and he wanted to win at everything, especially LIFE!!  So, I introduced him to CrossFit and Paleo Nutrition and the results he got in 12 weeks speak for themselves.  Our 1st workout I could tell he was tough and was up for any challenge.  He wasn’t about to let anything get in his way.  December 30, 2009 Mike Ussary weighed in at 272 lbs and 32% body fat.  His starting waist was at 46.5 inches and he need to seriously change his eating habits (Paleo) and workouts (CrossFit)!!  March 25, 2009 Mike tipped the scale at 209 lbs, 20% body fat and 35.25 inch waist. 

Mike’s blood work: 

                                                    9/29/09                                3/19/10 

Total Cholesterol               141                                             158 

HDL                                          31                                                 51 

LDL                                           54                                                96 

Triglycerides                       280                                              55 


Mike has done an amazing job and continues to increase his fitness.  I don’t think he knows how inspirational and motivating he truly is to all of us at CrossFit Allegiance.  Mike is an all around great man and we are so lucky to have him in our gym!!  Great job buddy proud to be your trainer!  

Mike Ussary’s  Secrets to Success: 

12 weeks to a changed body! 

Take equal parts of passion, conviction, enthusiasm, heart, and focus.  Mix together fuel (Paleo), exercise (Crossfit), motivation (Austin & Lu), support (family, friends, and CrossFit family). 

Results: New Body     

  1. Patti Chambes said:

    Congratulations Mike! You are awesome. Your determination and hard work are very motivating to all of us in the gym. Thanks for being a part of XFA!

  2. Eve said:

    Way to go, Mike!

  3. Sequoyah said:


  4. Terry Friend said:

    Well done, Mike. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Keep up the good work.

  5. Mike Ussary said:

    Thanks to everyone for the support. Now the real work begins. It is hard to believe.

  6. Cristal said:

    Awesome job Mike!!
    I loved your speech at the gym! Lol! 🙂 You should have seen the face the GM made when you mentioned Crossfit!! PRICELESS!!! Haha! I cracked up!! Way to spread the word about XFA!! Your such an inspiration to us all!

    • Mike Ussary said:

      Thanks, my wife, Pam, thought is was sly how I worked that in there also. Good to see you working out this am.

      • Mike Ussary said:

        I will send a link to OZ Medford of this page.

      • Cristal said:

        Yes it was awesome how you “slid” that in there 🙂
        Smooth my friend!
        Again, AMAZING job!! And great seein you as well! Keep it up!!

  7. Laura said:

    Mike, truly incredible. Your dedication came out and now shows to the outside. That is so great, and a huge congratulations!!

    Here’s what we’re having for din-din tonight:

    There is more than one way to stuff a pepper. This is one way though.

    I really enjoy stuffed peppers. We used green pepper here (though I tend to prefer red). For more mild and traditional stuffed peppers, you want to generally use bell peppers but don’t let this limit your creativity… you can stuff almost any kind of pepper you wish!

    – 4 bell peppers
    – 1 pound ground meat (we used grassfed beef)
    – Grated cauliflower. Just take a head of cauliflower and run it on a cheese grater. Makes a great “rice” textured veggie.
    – Onion
    – Salsa
    – Zucchini

    1. Start by cutting the tops out of your peppers. Then scoop out the insides so you have basically “bowls” mad out of peppers.
    2. Brown your meat in a skillet and stir fry it with all of your veggies. Also add the salsa and this point to season everything.

    3. Stuff your meat and veggies mixture into your peppers. Stuff them good and full.
    4. Bake stuffed peppers in the oven at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.
    5. Top with guacamole and serve!
    6. Enjoy.

    Feel free to mix and match your own recipe. Try different toppings and seasonings! This is another easy yet delicious one.

    • Mike Ussary said:

      Thanks for sharing the recipe and encouragement. I will give it a go.

  8. Lisa said:

    That is amazing Mike! Good work, you have much to be proud of! Keep up the hard work!

  9. linda thomas said:

    Great job Mike! Those before and after photos tell the whole story. You look great not to mention “younger”. Good luck!

  10. joe coffman said:

    mike that is awesome you look great and i know you feel great keep it up and get me in to cross fit i would like 12 weeks of pain looks like a blast.

  11. Monique said:

    You know how proud we all are of you Mike! 🙂

  12. Rebecca Brower said:

    great job Mike! I know it’s hard work…continue on man!! 🙂

  13. John & Lisa said:

    Way to go Mike! Hard work and dedication certainly pay off. You are a shinning example of that!

  14. Ben said:

    Mike that is utterly amazing! You are the man!

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